#001 PILOT Project: call to artists 01/2021


Deadline: Friday 30 April 2021, 18:00 GMT

For our pilot project we are seeking 5 to 10 artists based in the UK, who want to sell their artwork with us. We are looking for artists, of any age over 18. You should work in a medium that produces two-dimensional art and have a finished selection of works readily available. We will only represent original artwork that is sold by us, on an exclusive basis.


The team at LATENT will then work with you to build your profile and find the right buyers and interest for your work during a 12 month period.


The details: who are we looking for and what art are we interested in?

  • Your work should be two-dimensional (e.g. drawing | illustration | printmaking | painting | photography | textile | mixed media)

  • We are particularly interested in work that explores the theme of 'Unity'

  • Works should be available for immediate sale if an 'original'; or print-ready as a digital file

  • You will be responsible for the costs of creating your original artwork

  • You should be any age, over 18

  • You should live in the UK

  • You don't have to have (yet): an artist statement/manifesto, biography, portfolio, documentation of your art, website or social media platform etc. (however, keep in mind - the more information you can share with us, the better informed we will be to consider your submission to join LATENT)

  • You do not need to have an academic qualification in art

What will you get from us?

Our function is to support you with the skills that we have: in management, sales and marketing. We want you to focus on the work that you do and allow us to help you with the rest. You do not have to complete extensive, bespoke online forms about yourself and your work, and you do not have to pay any fees to join us.

However, this does mean that we will only select to work with artists who we think we can mutually be of help to. We want to initially work with artists for a period of 12 months.  During this time we will publish your work for sale on our website for the 12-month term and co-ordinate the sale of your work. LATENT will organise shipping and/or printing of your work (dependent on medium) and will share these costs with the artist. We work from the commission of sales made through our platform. The artist will receive 60% of the profit made on the sale of their work.

How will the application process work?

By clicking the 'APPLY HERE' button, you will be directed to our online form in a new window. The form will ask for your basic information and ask you to share samples of your work with us. Applications will be considered after the closing date of 30/04/2021 at 18:00 GMT.

Our selection criteria comprise of:

  1. Does this work have authenticity?

  2. Is the work masterful?

  3. Is the work interesting, compelling or engaging? Why?

  4. What question does this work pose? How does it do so in a new, unusual or strange way?

  5. Would our buyers likely be interested in it and will LATENT be able to logistically handle sales of this work?

  6. Is the artist available and committed to enter into a collaboration with LATENT during the next 12 months?

  7. What is the size and ambition of the artists' portfolio?


How many participants will be selected?

We are looking for 5-10 artists initially. Once we have established our first cohort, we plan to continue and extend applications later in 2021.

Remember - if we do not decide to work together, it doesn't mean your work is bad or someone else's is 'better.' This is a new platform and we are building from the ground up. Naturally, we will only be able to start with a small roster of artists. We wish all of our artists submitting work the very best in their future careers and are honoured that you would share your practice with us for our consideration. 


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Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions for applying for further information.


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