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Jaffar Aly



b.  1998


Jaffar Aly is an Anthropologist creating art as a means to explore, expand and decentre established routes of knowledge production in academia. His developing body of work is a discussion about the embodied and lived experiences of those from the diaspora.


Aly produces moving, stylised portraits using found materials. His works ‘Self Portrayal’ and ‘The Aftermath’ were produced during the Covid-19 pandemic. An unprecedented and challenging time across the world but particularly so in the UK. During which, deep-set issues in the socio-political landscape were brought to the fore and society was forced to reckon with the racism that prevails. These works are a sensitive consideration of the human experience. Charged with energy, they are produced using fast, assertive, and expressionist brushstrokes. 


There is a particular aesthetic style to Aly’s work and the eerily configured caricatures that he depicts. Whilst Aly does not shy away from assumed influences from Jean-Michel Basquiat, he is keen to note that this is less of a conscious influence than other drivers. With his anthropological point of view and inherent interest in human behaviours, meaning, norms and values – it is little wonder that it is the direct communities close to Aly that are cited as his most direct influences. Whether this is family, friends, his muse and partner, or the creative communities and collectives that he is an integral contributor to.



Jaffar Aly is a visual artist from Lewisham, South London. Traversing both academia and art, he uses paint, photography, film, writing and lectures to speak about integral issues in our current socio-political landscape. He has an Undergraduate degree in Anthropology and is currently working on an MA in Art and Politics. Aly has a studio residency at Livesey Exchange based in Peckham, South London and is involved in numerous collectives including:, Pempeople, Pebble Haus and The Brixton Project to name a few. He began making a name for himself hosting spoken word and music events across London titled ‘Spaghetti Live Action,’ which is an on-going programme. Recently, Jaffar Aly has curated events in collaboration with the team at Livesey Exchange.

Further Information


Instagram: @thatspaghettibrand


For enquires please contact:


Jaffar Aly is consistently creating and has a further body of work beyond those that are currently listed on LATENT. Please contact us if you have not been able to find exactly what you were looking for.  


The Artist is available to produce commissions. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this possibility further.

Images from top:

1. Polaroid of Jaffar Aly in his studio, London 2021. Photograph: Maresa Harvey

2. 'Self Portrayal,'  2020, Jaffar Aly

3. (right) Jaffar Aly at No Format Gallery exhibiting 'The Aftermath'

LATENT Gallery > 

Selected Exhibitions

'What Changes If I Change?'  Bermondsey Project Space

20 – 24 July 2021

Jaffar Aly & Bradley Banton

Further information >

'Black Angst' No Format Gallery

28 June – 05 July 2021

Solo Exhibition

Press: Sum Weekly, Jaffar Aly, 24 June 2021

'I Matter' Babylon Arts

28 May – 13 June 2021

Group Show

UK tour details to be announced late 2021: check here for details >



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