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1. 'You're Always Seen', 2021

2. 'Rainbow Nude', 2021

3. (right) detail of 'In My Dance,'  2021

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Elinor Rowlands



b. 1984


Each of Elinor Rowlands works has its own language and identity, telling its own unique story. Rowlands is known for creating moving image films, however in the LATENT gallery you will find more of her works on paper and canvas. She uses rich and vibrant colours that are incredibly striking and emotive. Within each piece, you will find a dialogue of dualities. Whilst her work is intensely personal, there is an unapologetic openness that is both bold and inviting. In every work there are evident transitions of feeling, playing out the narratives of our emotions and allowing us to explore our interpretations.


Rowlands works with her hands, using both at the same time, often in place of brushes or other creative tools. She is captivated by sensory art-making and uses repetitive, rhythmic gestures that are both ritualistic and seeing; using her body as both instrument and tool and engaging with its intrinsic rhythms. Her process is purposefully fast, transcribing an expression or fleeting feeling down to paper or canvas quickly. Rowlands’ portfolio of work is diverse, spanning portraiture to the abstract.



Elinor Rowlands is a painter and multidisciplinary artist born to Welsh parents in Luxembourg, where she spent her childhood and teenage years. In 2002 Rowlands moved to the UK; she then lived in China for two years, before settling again in London, UK where she currently resides. Creativity has always been an important means of expression for Rowlands. As a Neurodivergent woman, her work is reflective of the autistic experience. For Rowlands, emotions are felt deeply and move quickly with incredible speed, from grief to joy in quick succession. Painting is a medium that has helped to remove barriers in society’s established ways of communicating with each other. Whilst language and social cues may be the norm, they can be terrifying and inaccessible for those who do not see the world in this way.


Rowlands’ work draws inspiration from childhood stories, theatre, live performance and current events.  She is a storyteller who paints in rich and vivid colours from a resolutely feminine gaze. Her work has been exhibited widely in the UK.


Further Information

Instagram @elinorrowlandsart



For further enquires please contact:

Elinor Rowlands has an extensive body of work beyond the pieces currently listed on LATENT. Please contact us if you have not been able to find exactly what you were looking for.

Selected Exhibitions

'Squares Part 2’ Shipston Gallery, London UK

February 2020

Group Show

EU Communities, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg
3-13 December 2019

Solo Exhibition

'Environments' Outside In 2019 National Exhibition. Judge: Grayson Perry RA

28 October 2019 – 01 January 2020


Contested Spaces’ The Foundry

September 2019 - January 2020

'The Girl', Poetry Performance, Tate Modern

Group Poetry/Fiction Reading

January 2018



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