LATENT is an emerging artist platform established in late 2020 for UK based artists.

Each year we establish a small cohort of artists to represent. Our selected artists' are promoted through LATENT for a typical period of 12 months. Chiefly, the platform works to serve our artist community, profiling their work and connecting with our valued collectors (the novice and practiced alike). We look forward to sharing new work and hope that you find something to interest you. 



Maresa Harvey

Founder & CEO

Meet our founder Maresa Harvey - a highly successful project manager in both the arts and higher education sectors, working on consultancy projects and events. She graduated from the University of Westminster, London in 2012 with first class honours in Contemporary Media Practice; where her work included moving image, photography, installation art and interactive media. She has since developed a wealth of experience working within the arts sector where her career highlights have included work for galleries, publishing houses, art fairs and major museums. Maresa is also a former writer for art magazines including Aesthetica, Garage, Juxtapoz, 1883, PANTA and Twin, amongst others.

Paul Hickey

Operations Manager & Art Handler

Paul Hickey is .... 


Get in touch: info@latentcollective.co.uk